caltrop [kal′trəp, kal′träp΄]
[ME calketrappe < OE calcatrippe, star thistle & OFr chaucetrape, both < ML calcatrippa < L calcare, to tread upon (< calx, heel: see CALCAR) + Gmc * trippon, TRIP]
1. an iron device with four spikes, placed on the ground so that one spike sticks up to hinder enemy cavalry
2. a similar device used to puncture pneumatic tires
3. any of a number of plants with spiny flowering parts or fruits; specif.,
a) various plants (esp. Tribulus terrestris) of the caltrop family
b) various plants of other families, as star thistle and water chestnut
designating a family (Zygophyllaceae) of dicotyledonous plants, shrubs, or trees (order Sapindales), including guaiacum, creosote bush, and bean caper: Also caltrap or calthrop [kal′thrəp] or calthrop [kal′thrəp]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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